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When your basement is too humid, it can cause many issues. Not only do you have to worry about the items you store down there getting ruined, but there is also the risk of too much moisture that can cause mold to form. With the ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers, you can stop that problem before it even begins.

The ALORAIR Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifiers is a 120 PPD dehumidifier that effectively and swiftly removes moisture from the air using less energy than a standard humidifier. It is capable of removing 55 pints of moisture per day with 120-pint saturation over a space of 1,300 square feet. This makes it ideal for any storage area, basement, crawl space, garage or other large room.

The product is capable of working even at low temperatures as far down as 36 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can keep the air dry in nearly all types of weather. Should frost be detected on the coils, it will automatically defrost, saving you time and effort in maintaining it in the winter.

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ALORAIR Crawl Space Dehumidifiers: Your Ultimate Solution for Moisture Control

Excessive moisture in crawl spaces and basements can lead to a host of problems, from structural damage and mold growth to health concerns. In these challenging environments, a reliable dehumidifier is essential to maintain the ideal humidity levels and ensure a healthy, comfortable space. The ALORAIR Crawl Space Dehumidifiers, with their impressive 120 PPD moisture removal, Energy Star certification, auto defrost feature, cETL listing, and a remarkable 5-year warranty, offer a comprehensive solution to combat excess humidity in commercial and residential settings.


Unparalleled Moisture Removal

The standout feature of the ALORAIR Crawl Space Dehumidifiers is their exceptional moisture removal capacity, boasting a powerful 120 pints per day (PPD). This capability makes these dehumidifiers ideal for crawl spaces, basements, and commercial settings, ensuring the rapid and effective removal of excess humidity that can lead to structural damage, mold, and a host of other issues.

Energy Efficiency with Energy Star Certification

Energy efficiency is a crucial factor when choosing a dehumidifier, especially for continuous operation in commercial spaces. The ALORAIR Crawl Space Dehumidifiers have earned the Energy Star certification, which signifies their ability to reduce energy consumption without compromising performance. This not only lowers energy costs but also reduces your carbon footprint.

Auto Defrost for Cold Environments

In cold environments, maintaining efficient dehumidifier operation can be challenging due to frost buildup on the coils. The ALORAIR dehumidifiers address this issue with an auto defrost feature. This functionality ensures that the coils remain free from ice, allowing the dehumidifier to function optimally, even in low-temperature conditions.

cETL Listed for Safety and Reliability

The cETL listing indicates that the ALORAIR Crawl Space Dehumidifiers meet rigorous safety and performance standards, giving you peace of mind about their quality and reliability. This recognition underscores their suitability for both commercial and residential applications, where safety and dependability are paramount.

5-Year Warranty for Long-Term Confidence

ALORAIR stands by the durability and performance of their products, offering an impressive 5-year warranty. This extended warranty provides long-term confidence, ensuring that your investment in a crawl space dehumidifier is well-protected. It’s a testament to the quality and durability of ALORAIR’s products.

Benefits Beyond Moisture Control

Effective moisture control has numerous benefits beyond preventing structural damage and mold growth. It also contributes to a healthier living environment by reducing allergens, improving air quality, and enhancing overall comfort. ALORAIR’s Crawl Space Dehumidifiers create a more comfortable and healthier space for occupants.


The ALORAIR Crawl Space Dehumidifiers, with their 120 PPD moisture removal capacity, Energy Star certification, auto defrost feature, cETL listing, and an impressive 5-year warranty, offer a complete solution for moisture control in crawl spaces, basements, and commercial settings. These dehumidifiers not only efficiently combat humidity-related issues but also contribute to a healthier, more comfortable living environment.

When investing in a crawl space dehumidifier, you need a product that offers reliability, efficiency, and performance. ALORAIR’s dehumidifiers provide all these attributes, ensuring that your space remains dry and comfortable, while also offering long-term peace of mind with their exceptional 5-year warranty. Choose ALORAIR for your moisture control needs and enjoy the benefits of a drier, healthier, and more comfortable environment.

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