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Cleaning out the corners and crevices of the showers in your home is important to ensure you have somewhere clean to bathe, but removing that dirt and grime can be tricky and unpleasant without the proper tools. With the GENIANI Electric Spin Scrubber, you can effortlessly scrub not just the shower and bath but also the kitchen and beyond with ease.

This GENIANI Electric Spin Scrubber is a high-powered spinning cleaner that spins at 290 rotations per minute and is capable of spinning for as much as 90 minutes at a time. The scrubber features a 360-degree high-rotation speed that will give you the long working time you need to take care of difficult, set-in stains with ease. The flexible but durable bristles can get into little cracks in the grout and baseboards with ease while also being appropriate for use on tile, sinks, toilets, ceilings, windows, walls and more.

This high-torque bathroom scrubber attaches to the end of a long arm that enables you to clean these areas while standing instead of having to strain your back and knees by getting down on the floor of the shower to clean. The extendable handle can be adjusted as much as 21 additional inches to accommodate users of any height.

The GENIANI Electric Spin Scrubber needs to charge for only 3.5 to 4 hours to be ready to use. The scrubber includes four additional brush heads to replace the installed one once it grows dingy. In this way, you’ll have plenty of cleaning power to go around for months on end.

Give your bathroom and kitchen a deeper clean than ever before with the GENIANI Electric Spin Scrubber. Order yours today.

GENIANI Electric Spin Scrubber – 360 Cordless Powerful Scrub Brush for Cleaning Bathroom, Tile, Floor, Tub and Shower with Adjustable Extension Handle and 3 Replaceable Rotating Brush Heads (White)