• Waykar Dehumidifier

Waykar Dehumidifier

Never again fear moisture damage in your basement or building with the Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier 296 Pints Large Industrial Dehumidifier with Garden Hose. This industrial dehumidifier tackles moisture in large spaces all at once to keep the air dry no matter where you may be. It is capable of removing 296 pints of water in a day.

Because of its large capacity, it is great for use in warehouses, grow rooms, cellars, libraries, small factories and more.

Intelligent touch control makes using the Waykar Commercial Dehumidifier a breeze. It also features auto control that will sense the humidity in the room and respond accordingly.

Thanks to its portable design, you can easily move it around any large space and tackle moisture from all around. When you aren’t using it, its shape and portable nature make it easy to tuck away into the corner. The product comes with a 40-foot-long drain that will continuously drain the moisture out for your convenience.

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